About Viva

VIVA is a women’s choir based in Trondheim, Norway. Since our beginning in 2002 we have grown in numbers and ambitions, and we have made terrific concert experiences and achieved great results in national and international choir competitions. We perform high-quality contemporary, classical, popular and folk music.

In 2012 we recorded a CD called «Stemninger» («Moods»), as a 10 year anniversary present to ourselves. It contains some of the pieces we have enjoyed singing through the years.

Ina Cecilie Hjelmervik Olufsen has been the conductor of VIVA since the autumn of 2005. She is a flutist in The Royal Norwegian Air Force Band and carries a burning passion for VIVA and choir music in general. Together with VIVA she has been tutored by, among others, Tove Ramlo-Ystad, Stefan Sköld and Bodil Egseth.